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Macrame Sofa Armrest Magazine Holder

Macrame Sofa Armrest Magazine Holder

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    The simple little piece that you didn't know you needed! This macrame holder drapes over your sofas armrest to hold onto all of your essentials without getting in the way

    Influences: Balance and Warmth in the Home

    Best Selling Color: Tan 🥇 attracts stability, balance, and independence. Promotes confidence, reliability, and grounding into the present moment. Supports creating secure income, establishing healthy routines, and making good decisions.

    This style attracts free-spirited energy, creativity, and a connection to nature. Embracing individuality, open-mindedness, and a carefree spirit.

    Pairs Well With: Our favorite macrame coasters and hanging fruit basket.

    • Pieces: 1-piece
    • Material: Cotton, Wood
    • Product measurements: 11.8*47.2 in
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