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Bow Contrast Trim Point Toe Loafers

Bow Contrast Trim Point Toe Loafers

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Elevate your outfit with our trendy bow loafers, a captivating blend of sophistication and allure, featuring contrast colors and point design for an effortlessly chic add on for any occasion.

Influences: Serenity and Independence

Best Selling Color: Blue ๐Ÿฅ‡ attracts peace and tranquility, clears the mind of overthinking, and influences open communication. Promotes wisdom, tranquility, and truth. Supports confident public speaking, true self-expression, and maintaining a peaceful inner & outer environment.

This style attracts elegant, sophisticated, and refined energy. Cultivates a sense of timeless wisdom, grace, and enduring beauty.

Pairs Well With: our favorite blue jeans, white flowy top, silver layer necklace, and matching ring set.

  • Heel height: Flats
  • Material: polyester
Size Foot length
36(US5) 9
37(US6) 9.2
38(US7) 9.4
39(US8) 9.6
40(US9) 9.8
41(US10) 10
42(US10.5) 10.2
43(US11) 10.4
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